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Episode 08: Cameron “ShiroKaisen” Gilbert

Cameron “ShiroKaisen” Gilbert has been studying Japanese since he was 14 years old, which now puts him in a very unique position — he is currently a writer and advocate for Japanese esports despite living in the United States. Esports in Japan is mainly associated with fighting games, but Cameron has found himself sucked into the world of the LJL, Japan’s League of Legends competitive scene.

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Episode 07: Julian (Formerly Poor) Zhu

Julian “Poor” Zhu is most famously the victim of the infamous “Wombo Combo” from the titular Smash Bros Melee video. More importantly, he’s a Smash community figure that recently realized “the dream” to get hired by a company to work in the still-very-niche industry of growing Melee. Now at, we talk about the company’s role in the community, the realities of content creation and how Smashers have turned a very boring-to-stream game into brands for themselves.

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Episode 06: Daniel “Tafokints” Lee

Daniel “Tafokints” Lee is a community leader, writer, analyst and vlogger for the Super Smash Bros community, and somehow manages to balance it all with a job at NASA. We talk about the time management required to keep those cogs turning, compartmentalizing your work as well as the future prospects of Smash and its players.

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Episode 05: Travis “Maut” Bueno

So you’ve made your big break; you’ve made an amazing impression on people, shown improvement and have increased your stock in the community. Now, how do you keep that up? This week we talk to Travis “Maut” Bueno, a Dota 2 caster who’s currently in the precarious position of having to convince Valve that he’s a good fit for The International.

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Episode 04: Damian Estrada

Either indirectly or directly, Damian Estrada has had a hand in creating much of the awesome video content that esports fans see today. His style of video documentaries is widely used by many gaming and esports organizations today; he’s worked with Team Liquid, Team Curse, Cloud 9 and many other organizations to hone his skills and work with his vision.

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Episode 02: Gabe “Lyrical” Cruz

Gabe “Lyrical” Cruz is a Dota 2 play-by-play caster who has gotten where he is through commitment and going big. Since leaving his job as a professional chef he continues to climb the ranks; not at the summit yet, but it’s still in view. We talk about committing to work, dealing with disappointment, the fear of becoming a meme, and his wife’s relationship with his casting.

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